Purple macadamia

Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby 3

I thought my own blog is extinct! Thought i'll never find the time to write again, midst the eternal cooking, feeding, cleaning.... But must first dedicate this to my superhero at home, mike, for the love, care and dedication. soooo mushy... thanks mike.

Just read the blogs of 2 really good frens who just became first time mums. Hi girls, you sounded so blissful and happy and contented with baby that i realised that i am so jaded. And your blogs inspired me to resurrect my own. Here's to baby Kay and baby Lucas. cheers!

This is going to sound like a dedication blog. But it's really for Baby Kieran, the latest addition to our family. He's coming to 3 months now. He smiles more than Bryan and Shandy at this age, more responsive, gurgle and outgrowing his outfits faster than the other 2 ever did! This rainbow romper is more than 3 years old and Bryan and Shandy wore this till 9 months i think.

His bedtime is 1am most nights. He knows who's cuddling him -- papa is his cradle, mummy is his pacifier. I'm doing everything on the list of what not to do... rock, cuddle, swing, feed him to sleep. With three at home, anything goes, and it's usually a cacophany at home when they start bawling together.

Bryan has been quite good though, surprisely. helping with simple things -- rocking the sarong, switching on the fan, fetching the tissue, and even locking and unlocking the gate when guests come..

And Shandy is growing to be sweet and naughty as can be.
And chatty but still clingy and very weepy drama mama at times.
This is her trying to be cute look.

Guess i'll do a poem for the 3 of them the next time I write.
Or the next entry shall be "The angst of a mother of 3".

Let's hope I do it before blogs go the way of the dodo. I gotta get some sleep now....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

our first lady

I was doing the dishes when I thought of writing a short poem for my family to inaugurate my blog.
Somehow, this came out when I sat down and wrote…
Dedicated to dear michael, bryan and shandy. And of course, our first Lady.....

At first there was Lady
Lady was our corgi
Then came Bryan baby
Adding one to three

He calls his daddy papa
Calls his mama mummy
Calls his Lady doggy
He’s a happy baby

Happy baby likes his doggy
Wants to touch and play with Lady
But doggy’s a little weary
Ready to snap at little fingers itchy

Then came sister Shandy
B and S keep mummy busy
Poor Lady becomes moody
Takes it out on the confinement lady

Now corgi’s with another family
We hope that she is happy
It was so tough to let her go
Now where she is, we do not know

On quiet nights I think of her
Her soulful eyes and comforting fur
Her crazy romps on the beach
Her hungry look as she waits for her treat

Our morning walks at marina bay
Our photo sessions on sunny days
I hope she senses me writing this
To say how much of her we love and miss